My name is Flavia Fernandez Fabio, I was born in Argentina. Raised in an Italian family, good food and good wine have been an important part of my life….since the cradle! Crowded, loud tables, and lots of love, caring, tender love in the form of hugs, homemade food, kisses, friends and family getting together. That is what wine means to me: liquid passion  shared with the ones you love.

I have been in the wine industry for over 17 years (I started when I was very, very young). I am passionate about life, friends, family… and wine. I am curious, creative, and proactive.

At Ma Vie en Vin I offer a huge variety of services, all…Wine Related!  I represent wineries, in Canada and also in some other destinations, using all my skills, passion, and contacts developed through so many years of hard work.

Highly trained in marketing, sales and public relations, I can guarantee that if I organize your special event… nobody will forget about it! Being raised in Argentina, I am used to thinking outside the box! You dream it, I will make it happen…

(Yes, you might find some grammar mistakes here and there….but it is part of the charm!)


At Ma Vie en Vin I provide consulting services to wineries around the globe: designing, organizing and supervising innovative promotional campaigns,  making your booth the most visited in a Wine Fair, or training your sales team!

I am proud to represent wineries from Argentina (of course!) France and Italy, and I am always looking for new gems to add to my portfolio. But most importantly… I become close friends with the people I work with; we became partners along the way.


 Custom made events. From 4 up to 300 hundred people. Casual finger food with modern wines and drinks or sophisticated hors d’oeuvres with chamber music and Cote du Rhone wines… As I said before…you dream it…I will make it happen. I love challenges and I am open to “read” what you want and also willing to help you find the perfect alternative for your crowd and the most important, for your budget…